Newhall Housing

2008 / Harlow Essex

  1. lane
  2. lane
  3. terraced town house
  4. mews

The idea for this suburban housing model is to abolish the front, back and side gardens in favour of larger private back gardens. Suburban roads, already laid out in the master plan have been strengthened with garden walls forming walled lanes with housing generally at right angles to these lanes. First floor windows provide supervision of each street.

There are four house types: A town house along the southern and northern boundaries of the site, two single aspect suburban garden houses which occupy the majority of the site and finally a two-bedroom mews flat. The mews provide double garages to all the adjacent townhouses with the mews flats bringing life and activity to what would otherwise be a a row of lockups. In this way the large parking requirement of a suburban housing development can be incorporated into inhabited space instead of the usual large and unsightly double garages. In addition to the houses there is a small block of flats in the south east corner of the site contributing to a more urban large scale centre as part of the master plan and abutting a row of flats by ECD Architects.

This phase of the development was completed in 2008

Photos by David Morris ©