Galeri Caernarfon

2005 / Caernarfon North Wales

  1. atrium
  2. atrium
  3. atrium
  4. auditorium
  5. harbour exterior
  6. street exterior
  7. external stair
  8. creative enterprise units

Externally the design shows a building which resonates with its industrial neighbourhood’s past, materials are kept to a minimum with extensive use of exposed timber boarding and grey painted steel in both walkways and exposed structural frame. The diagram of the building is to make a warehouse-like construction of three parallel sheds, an inner shed containing the large volumes, requiring large span structures, flanked on either side by small or more domestic scaled structural sheds of individual rooms. The inner shed, which has theatre at its east end and rehearsal rooms at its west end, then contains within it a large atrium foyer space within which is found all the circulation. The objective of the design has been to attempt to ensure that as many office spaces as possible on the first and second floors open directly onto walkways in this atrium space so that their activities and their presence is visible to everybody entering the building. The idea of this space is further strengthened with the presence of the theatre on one side and the rehearsal rooms on the other appearing as curved objects inserted into the warehouse shape of the building.

The project was completed in January 2005.

Photos by Daniel Hopkinson ©