Bakie Butts Steading

2012 /

  1. North facade
  2. South view
  3. Chimney and entrace
  4. Double height living area
  5. Dining area
  6. Upper living area showing view
  7. Site orientation and view
  8. Ground and first floor plans
  9. North and South elevations

Steading conversion in rural Aberdeenshire.

The site sits to the north of Blackburn in Aberdeenshire on the West facing slope of a hill.. There is an existing ruined steading oriented East West and commanding spectacular view north-westward to the distant hill of Bennachie. In the middle distance you see gentle rolling farmland. The property already had planing permission to increase the footprint by fifty percent.

A feasibility study was commissioned by a client who fell in love with the view but had no love for the permitted plans. Her brief required a house that could be a single four bedroom house or could be divided into a small house and a granny flat, allowing either part of the property to be let with the client staying in the remaining part.

Our solution was to stabilise the stone part of the ruined steading and to insert a new modern barn into it, effectively maintaining the existing ridge line but extending the existing form by a half. In this form new openings are grouped together in linear or rectangular elements to give the building an agricultural rather than a domestic aesthetic. Effectively allowing the building to remain a geometric form in a rural landscape.

As the site slopes to the west a single storey with basement storage opens up into a two storey living area focusing on the view to Bennachie to the north west. This view is maintained on the upper storey with a long ribbon of windows culminating in the second smaller living space or master bedroom depending on the way that the house is used. Sunlight is brought into every space through a continuous south facing rooflight which is also expressed as a linear element. The dining area in the main house is the only space which actually focuses to the south, opening up onto a private sheltered patio.

Sadly the clients offer was not accepted by the seller.