Aberdeenshire house

2016 / Aberdeenshire

  1. Barn like extension
  2. Midmar and Cluny estates
  3. Sectional idea
  4. Low lying building
  5. Building grouping
  6. View to Bennachie
  7. View from kitchen
  8. View from living space
  9. Connection from living to garden
  10. Enclosed garden
  11. One large opening to view
  12. Sectional treatment
  13. Site plan
  14. Existing plan
  15. Proposed plan

Partial demolition and rebuild of family house in Aberdeenshire.

The existing site has a croft and outbuilding dating from at least the 1860s. This was extended in the 1970s adding two rooms and a bathroom. The extension encloses a small entrace courtyard to the south. The house sits on a north facing slope with peak of Bennachie visible in the distance.

Our proposal is to demolish the 1970s extension and add a new barn like structure of a similar sectional proportion to the existing buildings to form a T with the existing croft. This retains and enlarges the entrance court and provides a direct connection and enclosure to the family garden in the east.

A large open living space connects these courtyards together and as you enter, between the croft and the new building, this opens up to the north to enjoy the view across the farmland to Bennachie. The more private parts of the house are pushed to the extremities with the original croft becoming a playroom/snug and bedrooms with access to the gardens.